Investment Management

Whether you are a DREAMER, NEW or GROWING FAMILY, RETIREE, or LEGATOR, we will handle the selecting, allocating, monitoring, and rebalancing of various stocks, bonds, and Exchange-Traded Funds to align with your time-horizon and risk tolerance.

Wealth Management

Are you starting or running a business as a DREAMER? Are you starting a NEW FAMILY or part of a GROWING FAMILY? Are you nearing or in retirement as a RETIREE? Do you aspire to leave a legacy as a LEGATOR?

You will be faced with questions surrounding accumulation, maintenance, and distribution of wealth at every stage of life. We are here to partner with you each step of the way.

Retirement Plan Options

Are you a DREAMER or NEW/GROWING FAMILY wanting to open up or maintain ROTH, SEP, or Traditional IRAs?

Do you need somewhere to put your old 401k(s)? Are you retiring soon or currently retired as a RETIREE?

Are you a business that would like to provide an added perk to your employees? Would you like to analyze and compare your plan or simply receive a second opinion?

Are you a LEGATOR looking to pass your retirement savings to the next generation or a charity?

Whichever need it may be, we are ready to discuss your retirement plan.

Freqeuntly Asked Questions

Common questions that we can help answer.

Yes, we have a legal responsibility to act in a client’s best interest.

Taxes! A ROTH is funded with after-tax dollars and grows tax free while a Traditional IRA is funded with before-tax dollars and taxes are deferred unitl withdrawn.

We are a fee-only advisor that is compensated quarterly in arrears based on a percentage of managed assets.

We offer virtual services to any resident of the United States and in-home services to prospects or clients local to our advisors.

We partner with Interactive Brokers as our custodian.

1- Tell us about yourself. What concerns might you have? What are your goals?

2- Are we a good fit for you? Intro meeting/strategizing/planning.

3- Account opening, allocation, periodic review, adjustments, more strategizing.

This is a very general overview. We strive for superior service. Therefore, much of our interactions are needs-based and may vary.

Portfolio allocations are based upon risk tolerance, time horizon, and client goals. Typically, a portfolio will be made up of stocks, bonds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

We use a client-centric investment philosophy. The allocations we maintain and investment vehicles that we choose are generally based on economic conditions and client goals.